Shopping ethically June 05 2014

As an animal protection charity, it is really important to us that everything we sell has a positive impact for animals. So as well as our items raising awareness, educating people and supporting our campaigns, we also make sure none of our merchandise contains animal products. Plus we would never sell anything tested on animals either, so you can shop knowing that everything is animal friendly.

As well as the non-human animals we look out for, we also care about human-animals too! So when we source our products we only use reputable companies and for items like clothing and toys, we make sure we have the latest information on where the products are made and about the people who make them.

The environment gets considered too! Our planet is home to us all and its preservation is vital for helping animals too and securing their future in the wild. Where possible we source organic or sustainable items to reflect our continued use of recycled and FSC products in our office and campaign materials.

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Happy shopping!